Wat Chalong – Chalong Temple, Phuket

Wat Chalong 

Wat Chalong on the Map, Phuket, Thailand

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The records says Chalong Temple or Wat Chalong was rebuilt and relocated in 1837 and it is not know when it was build. Still the evidence of early temple can be found on the northern corner of the present temple, where you can see the part of the old temple wall just inside of the colorful entrance gate.

The Wat Chalong complex includes the Sala, the Mondop, the Ubosot, the Viharn, the Chedi and the Crematorium. These are most interresting building that you may want to visit and see.

Phra Maha Fuang Suchanonatho, who became an abbot of Wat Chalong in 1978, was a skilled draughtsman and it is he who is responsible for most of these beautiful buildings.

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The Ubosoth or Bot (ordination Hall)

the ubosoth - wat chalong, phuket, thailand

The Ubosoth is the  ordination hall where new monks take their vows. It is not often open to the public. The Ubosoth at Wat Chalong has 8 boundary stones placed around it. The stones, known as Sema stones are often in the shape of large stone leafs and enclosed in decorative encasements of the consecrated property of the Sangha (the Buddist monastic order) and to identify the building as the ubosoth.

The Chedi

the chedi - wat chalong, phuket, thailand

This stunning 61 metre high building, constructed between 1998 and 2001 is the Pramahathat Chedi. ‘Mahatat” means ‘great replica stupa’ as it follows the architectural style of Tat Phanom stups in Nakhon Panon near Bangkok.

wat chalong boddhas mudras - the chedi

Inside the Chedi are many Buddhist statues. They are not different Buddhas. They are all one Buddha but in different attitudes and displaying a variety of hand gestures or mudras.

fragment of the Buddhas bone in Wat Chalong, Phuket

On the top floor of the Chedi a sacred relic, a fragment of the Buddha’s bone, is housed under glass protection and surrounded by lotus flowers – the symbol of the universe. This sacred relic, full name of which is Phra Borom Sareerikatat, was bought from Sri Lanka in 1999 and installed in the Wat Chalong’s Chedi in September 2002.

The finial

Cho fa - roof decorations

The finial, is an architectural device, typically carved in stone and used in Wat Chalong and other Thai temples to decorativally emphasize the roof ridges of the temple buildings. These can be seen on many buildings not just temples as well.

Many people from around the globe come every day to visit Wat Chalong just to enjoy architecture and energy o fthis place or try to unravel its mysteries of this amazing temple and also insight into Thai culture.

Places you may be interrested

Phromthep Cape – 4 km far.

Phrompthep Cape is the most photographed and best-known view point on Phuket. Every evening hundreds of tourists and local romantics come here to enjoy sunset.

Tesco Lotus – 6 km far.

Tesco Lotus store area for shopping products more than 36,000 items. Food court area for various menus and save your budget. Mall area for various shops to fulfill your shopping including banks, ATM, dessert shops, food shops, wine shops, restaurants, book shops, CD and entertainment shops, gold and jewelry shops, optic shops, drugs stores, schools for kids, playland.

Big Buddha – 12 km far.

This fantastic viewpoint is well signed and the 45-metre tall image can easily be seen from most locations in South Phuket. Big Buddha is destined to become a local landmark and a place for both tourists and devout Buddhists to visit.

International School – 14 km far.

Kajonkietsuksa is a private bilingual school with both Thai and English Programme. The English Programme started in 1999 and has successfully expanded each and every year. This successful growth represents the basis of the future school plans which include expansion of school facilities, school supplies and materials and the incorporation of additional grade-levels to accommodate the ever increasing student demand.

More info – www.kajonkietsuksa.ac.th

Nai Harn Beach – 4 km far.

A quiet little spot at the southern end of Phuket, Nai Harn is one of the island’s most beautiful locations and most popular places for swimming. The local restaurants just above the beach make a great place to relax with a sundowner.

Wat Chalong – 10 km far.

Wat Chalong has been extending a warm welcome to visitors for over a century. Locals come to pray and Westerners come to learn something about Buddhism. The temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon.

Central Festival – 16 km far.

120,000 square meters bursting with world-class products, Central Festival Phuket is the consummate one-stop shopping, non-stop entertainment complex for every Phuket resident and visitor. Enjoy the newest, largest, most complete shopping and entertainment complex on Phuket.